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smART Consulting Group


smART Consulting Group was established in 2011 under the name of Cineconsulting Group, a tax, financial and legal consultancy firm specialised in the film industry.

On March 2016, the management decides to create smART Consulting Group, by choosing to broaden the company’s horizons to include the audiovisual and other sectors in the cultural industry.

Assistance to businesses, including those belonging to new sectors of the entertainment industry, live theatre and culture, is provided through an experienced team of professionals which took an active part in setting the public policy for the sector and in constructing legal frameworks.

Based on the experience gained from 2011 until now, smART Consulting Group assists several production and distribution companies, both domestic and international, operating in the film, television and web sector. It is tax credit advisor to the most important national banks as well as prestigious national and international production companies, which have qualified for the Italian tax credit, scheme, and has established itself as a leader on the private investment market in the sector.

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